Comerica Suit filed   All, I write with some good news.  In late April, the trustee for the Liquidation Trust sued Comerica Bank.  This case will probably supersede the various class actions that were earlier filed by different class groups. Of course this is early, but this will only offset all WB plaintiff damages further.  We‘ll … Continue reading Comerica Suit filed

Woodbridge Scam

New Criminal Filings in the Woodbridge Fiasco

The Woodbridge Group of Companies investment scam has impacted thousands of people across the United States over the past several years. Woodbridge, a commercial real estate development firm, bilked investors out of nearly $2 billion in an elaborate Ponzi scheme. Company owner Robert H. Shapiro was arrested on April 11th and charged by the U.S. … Continue reading New Criminal Filings in the Woodbridge Fiasco