I’m trying to track down an idea of how many houses/properties the Trust has yet to sell. I have pursued realtors to visit with me on this – no luck. Looked for some public records, no luck (yet).

The June 2021 SEC report had $138 million of real estate owned then; of course the latest sale of $65 million comes off of that. But I’m asking if anyone has some info on this question of what’s left to sell?

Let me know if you have a source of info on this timely question.

I should have a solid update on the progress of the various lawsuits soon.

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  1. I’m new to this site, I posted a few times recently, about the fact I have not yet received my grantor letter to be able to file my 2021 taxes. We’re these sent out yet, and who would I contact about not receiving it. Any help would be appreciated.

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  2. Greg, have you looked at the Feb 2022 10-Q ? It gives numbers as of 12 31 2021. Page 29 says they own 8 real estate assets as of 12/31/21 worth an aggregate of $90.78 M.

    also page 4: “As of December 31, 2021, the Wind-Down Entity owns three luxury single-family homes that are under construction in the Los Angeles, California area. The majority of the gross carrying value of the Wind-Down Entity’s real estate assets held for sale is concentrated in these three single-family homes. In addition, construction is being completed on two other single-family homes that have been sold. The Wind-Down Entity is also liquidating its remaining five other real estate assets. See Note 3 for additional information.”

    Is this what you are looking for ? BTW, thanks so much for your efforts.


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  3. They have been very vague about the remaining properties. A footnote last December in their filing indicates property in New York and Hawaii, as well as Los Angeles remain.

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  4. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to find out this information as well! Why is it so difficult for the Trustee to let us know this in a monthly communication. It’s as though they don’t want US to know! Really irks me!

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  5.    Greg       Woodbridge still owns 638 Siena Way which is up for sale at $47,500,000. The broker is still the Viewpoing Collection in California.                                                                                                      Stephen S

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    1. I have tried to get someone from this Viewpoint to call me back to see if they have other listings by the Trust … no luck. You can try the same and see if you get a call back. We just want to ask, does your brokerage have other listings by the same Trustee?


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