Greg Anderson, RICP, CEA, is a financial services expert with nearly 30 years of experience in the industry. Greg began his career in the financial field by establishing Balanced Financial, Inc. in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Greg Anderson: CEO of Balanced Financial

Greg and his firm have developed a full roster of client-oriented financial services, each designed to help clients accumulate the assets they need to retire comfortably. More importantly, asset accumulation is not the only goal; Greg believes that retirement income is a crucial component of the retirement picture and one that is overlooked by too many retirement planning professionals. In order to give his clients the very best service available, he has developed innovative planning strategies. The firm’s team specializes in helping clients meet their financial goals, now and well into the future.

Professional History

Throughout his career, Greg has helped many people across the country to achieve financial success. Through his hard work, knowledge, and skill, he has earned a reputation in the financial services world as one of its leading authorities. Greg has also demonstrated keen abilities as an entrepreneur, and his skills have allowed him to launch numerous successful business ventures over the years. Balanced Financial is the culmination of his professional and personal experiences. Prior to the launch of the firm, Greg gained valuable experience as a project manager and analyst for a commercial real estate firm. Handling complex projects and the many details needed to complete those projects on time and on budget prepared him for the rigors of the financial services field.

Greg is a member of the International Association of Financial Planning, a Retirement Income Certified Professional, and is a Certified Estate Advisor. When he is not assisting clients, he can be found providing insight and information to others in speaking engagements and radio broadcasts in his home state and around the country. Read an exclusive interview with Greg here. 

Downtown Club of Fort Collins

Greg also believes in giving back to the community in which he lives and works. He serves as the President of the Downtown Club of Fort Collins, a non-sectarian organization that works to improve the lives of at-risk youth through volunteerism and financial support. His expertise in the financial field has given him a unique ability to lead this non-profit organization. With his help, the organization has positively influenced hundreds of young lives. The Downtown Club sponsors numerous training programs, giving participants real-life skills they can apply to their careers.

He also teaches part-time, providing the next generation of financial professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to serve their future clients. Among the courses he teaches are retirement planning and Social Security benefits maximization strategies. One of his passions is in helping our nation’s military veterans apply for and receive veteran-related benefits.

Woodbridge News Source

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