Several have asked ‘will be file our 2022 income taxes on time this year, or have to extend as in past years?’

This is a great question for the attorneys who work for the Trustee, here’s there contact. (up date me plz with what you find!)

Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones LLP, Counsel to Woodbridge Liquidation Trust
Colin Robinson, Esq.
Bradford Sandler, Esq.
919 North Market Street
17th Floor
Wilmington DE 19801
(310) 203-4271

8 thoughts on “Taxes for 2022

  1. I know this is gonna sound like a silly question…. But what do you people do differently at tax time because of Woodbridge? I have never claimed them in any way in my taxes. How does this benefit us?


  2. Hi Greg,
    Below is the response that I received from the Trust regarding 2-22 taxes:



    Mr. Noah,

    The Trust’s accountants are working on the Grantor Letters and intend to have the letters out prior to the tax deadline although there is a possibility that timing slips. If I get a further update on timing, I will let you know.

    Colin R. Robinson
    Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones LLP
    Tel: 302.778.6426 | Cell: 917.846.2053 | Fax: 302.652.4400
    vCard | Bio | LinkedIn

    Los Angeles | San Francisco | Wilmington, DE | New York | Houston


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