As most of you know I haven’t updated in a while – my norm is once a month, sometimes more often. The last communication from the trustee was mid June (the 16th). The only SEC filing was the renewal of the managers contract to operate the trust assets.

I have a young lawyer that would research the updates on public court records for the California court system, BUT California (of course) charges a $200 fee to access their records (not common for other states understand). Without paying that fee I can’t get a brief on the status of the various lawsuits.

So all that to say – I have no update for us. Its been a very quiet second half of 2022.

Feel free to put into the comments updates you know of for the group … that’s what I’m down to at this point.

One thought on “Updates …..?

  1. As you have probably noticed, the wind down committee has scaled back their CIO and CFO positions to part time and have pared down the salaries to a measly 25K and 35K per month!!
    I wonder if they have any openings? They posted the January 9th update from Michael Goldberg.

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