In case some had not seen this warning from the trustee in October – I wanted to post it here. Warns us to be careful of bad actors sending out emails purporting to be from the trustee & asking you to click on some link for information.

These are folks phishing for access to your computer.

Emails originating from “Knowles Systems Investment,” are sent under the subject line
“DOCUMENT: Restitution Payment: Compensation of Investment WoodBridge, Capsource.”

They suggest that a document concerning a “final funds release” of a “restitution payment” has been shared
with the recipient, who is invited to click on “e-Document” to review.

“These communications are not authorized by the Trust and I strongly urge each Trust beneficiary to
delete these emails without opening them or responding to them,” said Michael Goldberg, Liquidation
Trustee of the Trust.

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