As of March 31, 2022, all of the single-family homes are located in the Los Angeles, California area and two of the single-family homes are under construction. The Company is also completing the construction of one single-family home that was sold in December 2021 and located in New York City and one that was sold in May 2021 and located in Los Angeles, California. The other properties are located in the state of Hawaii and the state of New York.

Another 10Q SEC filing just dropped on to the Trustee site (link below). The above is from page 8. I have been in contact, this week with some LA realtor connections trying to find the addresses of the LA properties – no luck quite yet. Comment here if one of you knows more specifics on the properties yet to sell (or list).

$96 million of (estimated value) real estate left to sell if I’m reading this correctly (this figure also includes some cash that the Trust holds). There are a lot of other notes starting on page 18 – but understand they summarize stuff that long ago happened and generally isn’t news to any of us.

Here’s the link to this latest SEC filing

The Trust entered into a resolution agreement with the DOJ which provided that the Trust would receive the assets forfeited by Robert and Jeri Shapiro (the “Forfeited Assets”). In March 2021, the Trust received certain Forfeited Assets from the DOJ, including cash, wine, jewelry, handbags, clothing, shoes, art, gold and other assets. The wine and the gold were sold during the nine months ended March 31, 2022

I liked reading the note above on selling Shapiro’s wine off!

14 thoughts on “Latest Report Filed

  1. Greg;

    I don’t know if this any longer relevant, but sometime ago in one of the filings, the following were listed:

    41 King St., New York, New York. 10733 Stradella Ct., Los Angeles.

    Neither property is listed as currently for sale. Thanks for your updates!

    Craig Wolfgram

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    1. According to Zillow, both properties were sold in 2022…. 41 King St. sold for $13,950,000 on 01/13/22. 10733 Stradella
      • Sold: $11,951,500 on 06/03/22. I wonder why we haven’t heard about a distribution lately.


      1. I was wondering the same thing! I just sent a Hail Mary to Skip Miller, who’s name appears on some of the litigation papers for the various lawsuits. I told him that I was speaking for the victims of the Woodbridge Ponzi Scheme and I asked him if he could provide me with any information on the various lawsuits. lol…. I doubt I’ll hear anything but we don’t have a lot of choices these days!


  2. Thank for the update! I truly don’t understand all but it seems like we will be seeing some money in the future or am I hoping? Would like to be notified by u as to future distributions if any. Thank u for all the time u put into this.

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  3. I get notices on the change of share prices. How is this determined and what range have been in? Thanks

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    1. i have no Idea; I discussed with with the TT’s attorney Colin a couple years back … total double speak on this; no math, no equation, nothing concrete in the thinking back then. I have no clue and frankly I’m not sure they have much of a system/algorithm


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