I just posted an hour ago on the Trustee getting out those letters we need to file income tax and I got one person saying they got their letter from the Trustee’s office in today’s mail … and this from another person who contacted Colin. (see below)

The Trust’s accountants are working on the Grantor Letters and intend to have the letters out prior to the tax deadline although there is a possibility that timing slips. If I get a further update on timing, I will let you know. Colin R. Robinson
Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones LLP
Tel: 302.778.6426 | Cell: 917.846.2053 | Fax: 302.652.4400

Thanks to all who helped on this! And ‘no’ I don’t know when the next distribution will be declared (sadly).

Here’s to a productive 2023 by the trustee!

5 thoughts on “Well that was productive!

  1. Thanks for the update. Just as an FYI, a Form 8K was filed with the SEC yesterday 1/6/23 regarding a property in LA – “The 638 Siena Road property is the last single-family home remaining in the Company’s asset portfolio”. We can only hope!


  2. A 2022 Grantor letter was posted as of 2-13-23 on the Woodbridge website. They intend to get out the tax information by late March. Quote “It is anticipated that the Grantor Letters will be mailed to the Trust beneficiaries by the end of March 2023. If this timeframe presents a challenge in completing your income tax return by the filing deadline, you should consider requesting an extension of the filing due date from the appropriate federal and state authorities.”

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