$54.5 Million Just Came in!

Woodbridge Liquidation Trust (the “Trust”) agreed to the terms of a settlement of two pending actions against Comerica Bank. The terms of the settlement, reached following negotiations with Comerica Bank and the plaintiffs in a putative class action against Comerica Bank in the United States District Court for the Central District of California (the “District … Continue reading $54.5 Million Just Came in!

Property Listings & Sale Progress

I haven't found much on the progress "our" listings have had in the Los Angeles area. I'm writing this to solicit input from others out there who are tracking listings, and the 'under contract' updates (in California they refer to this as 'in escrow'). Does anyone have updates to pass on? Thanks for the help.


The Zoom update with the bankruptcy court (in Delaware) was very brief this a.m. Mostly the judge just checking in to see if there were any hang ups or big problems. About the only thing I learned was that several of the properties are still in the construction phase and not ready to list for … Continue reading Zoom

June 15th – First Woody Check

Woodbridge Liquidation Trust Announces Cash Distribution SHERMAN OAKS, California—May 14, 2021—Woodbridge Liquidation Trust (the “Trust”) announcedthat its Liquidation Trustee has declared a cash distribution of approximately $30,000,000 on the Trust’s Class A Liquidation Trust Interests (the “Class A Interests”). The distribution amounts to $2.58 per Class A Interest, and will be paid on or about … Continue reading June 15th – First Woody Check

March 31st

Our first distribution was back on March 31st 2019; I have nothing new to report really just had an expectation the trustee would post news of the next distribution by yesterday as part of a pattern. I'm checking on some sources to get any updates and will report when I have something.