Article on the Various Law Suites Pending

Miller Barondess Files Lawsuit Against Numerous Law Firms for Aiding and Abetting Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme Above is the title of the 2019 article describing the various lawsuits that the Trustee filed back in 2019. I spoke to Skip Miller late last year for some updates on these efforts. He was very positive, describing that … Continue reading Article on the Various Law Suites Pending

$54.5 Million Just Came in!

Woodbridge Liquidation Trust (the “Trust”) agreed to the terms of a settlement of two pending actions against Comerica Bank. The terms of the settlement, reached following negotiations with Comerica Bank and the plaintiffs in a putative class action against Comerica Bank in the United States District Court for the Central District of California (the “District … Continue reading $54.5 Million Just Came in!

Property Listings & Sale Progress

I haven't found much on the progress "our" listings have had in the Los Angeles area. I'm writing this to solicit input from others out there who are tracking listings, and the 'under contract' updates (in California they refer to this as 'in escrow'). Does anyone have updates to pass on? Thanks for the help.

No One’s going to like this

What is below was released Monday late.   As you will read they want us all to file for an IRS extension to our 2019 tax filing so this trust can get your IRS forms out to you. I'm just the piano player - I didn't write the music. *************************************************************************************   —February 3, 2020—Woodbridge Liquidation Trust … Continue reading No One’s going to like this

Woodbridge Bankruptcy Latest Updates

Woodbridge Bankruptcy Update: Timeline, Latest News & More

Note: NOTHING THAT FOLLOWS CAN BE TAKEN AS INVESTMENT ADVICE. YOUR PERSONAL DUE DILIGENCE IS REQUIRED TO DECIDE TO KEEP OR SELL AN INTEREST IN THE Woodbridge Liquidation Trust Are you a noteholder, unitholder, or investor in Woodbridge Wealth / Group of Companies? Looking for the latest updates on the impending Chapter 11 bankruptcy? Are … Continue reading Woodbridge Bankruptcy Update: Timeline, Latest News & More