The Woodbridge ponzi is starting (at least) to unwind.   The SEC is more or less out at this point as well as the Chapter 11 bankruptcy court; the real estate crew is now driving this rehabilitation trust effort.

As I understand it, the listings in Colorado are selling like hot cakes and closing fast.   The listings in CA are getting under contract but then having trouble ‘getting out of escrow’ as the CA folks talk.    That means not closing.

That Los Angeles market has been sticky; but from what I hear in the last 2 weeks, that market is starting to open up again with more activity.    (I think the threat of the Fed raising % rates is now behind us and that uncertainty was part of the sluggish sales.)

red and white sale illustration
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2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. I too am a noteholders caught up in the Woodbridge Ponzi scam… also, a Ft. Collins resident…. my question is specific to Jordan Goodman ‘s role …I understand that he was to be fined $3million and banned from “any securities related business “yet his web site ,emails and radio shows continue …I suspect he is “thumbing his nose “at us and the SEC… any thoughts? Updates? Re:Jordan Goodman? Thanks, J. G.


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