I’ll chalk it up to a slow business volume for the folks working in the self directed IRA custodian shops …. but in the past when the bankruptcy trust made a distribution, the time lag for folks to get their money posted into their account could take 2 weeks or more.

This last distribution seems to be posting quickly to folk’s IRA account’s.  Nice to have this phase work efficiently for once!

Second, on the bankruptcy website it appears the LA property known as Stradella is under contract for several million.   It would be nice to think these low interest rates could stimulate sales of some of the larger properties still left to move.


10 thoughts on “Trust Distributions posting quickly for IRA’s

  1. Thanks so much for the update. Please keep them coming. Do you have any idea of what the distribution might be from the sale of the assets of Shapiro and his cohorts.

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    1. i can’t honestly tell you the trust got any meaningful assets from Shapiro family; I know they got “the storage unit” with some gold, Picasso’s, etc.
      But I’m thinking that was +/- $8 million (purely my guess)

      The $125 million he promised the court to deliver …. I can’t say that has or ever will happen Danny.


  2. Thanks for keeping us updated with these postings Greg. It seems you are the only one who is willing to pass along much appreciated news as this liquidation slowly grinds along. You would think that Mainstar or the folks who talked us into investing with them would have the decency to pass along this info.


  3. Well It didn’t go into Provident till April 16, and took another week to transfer the Funds out into my Bank?


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