Miller Barondess Files Lawsuit Against Numerous Law Firms for Aiding and Abetting Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme

Above is the title of the 2019 article describing the various lawsuits that the Trustee filed back in 2019. I spoke to Skip Miller late last year for some updates on these efforts. He was very positive, describing that a) the courts were more/less shut down all of 2020 due to Covid so progress was very modest for a year; and b) that the preliminary typical motions over ‘proper venue’ & normal motions asking for the judge to just dismiss the suit are all concluding late Spring of ’22.

Once that phase is behind us, then the courts will “set a trial date”. That’s when the $$$ negotiations will start. My guess is most of these firms/lawyers all have errors and omissions insurance policies. Once that trial date is set, the E&O policies will take over and drive most of the early negotiations toward a resolution. They will generally take over the settlement negotiations ahead of the actual defendants in many cases to try to limit and box in exposure dollar amounts.

Below is a link to this 2019 article if you want to read it.

Here’s a link to the actual legal complaint – it made me sick reading it.

15 thoughts on “Article on the Various Law Suites Pending

  1. Mr. Anderson , again Thanks so much for keeping us informed, if not for you I would not have any idea of what was going on. Please keep the info coming. Danny Carney

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  2. Has anyone seen their Comerica “settlement check”? I contacted Woodbridge through the online site and actually did receive a email from them stating that checks were released (mid-March). Why they can’t be more forthcoming (update their site) is quite frustrating. Just curious (and venting a little). Thanks Greg, et al as well.


  3. Thank you so much Greg for your continued efforts on our behalf. Maybe some day in the near future when this is all behind us we can have a Victim’s Reunion!

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