About a month back the largest of the remaining homes the trust is trying to sell went under contract – it was the 642 Saint Cloud home in Holmby Hills, CA. I have pursued some realtor contacts in California to try to get a whisper of an update … but I have no update if this contract is still pending. I wanted to see if anyone knew of an update on this deal.

Here’s a link to the trustee’s announcement; I’m pretty sure the date was a typo, as it shows November 24, 2020.

Here’s a link to view drawings or renderings of the development plan if you are curious.


And here it is under construction …


Here’s a link to the realtor’s listing


4 thoughts on “St. Cloud has a Contract

  1. Was hoping someone could answer the listed question. My wife and I are co-owners if something should happen to us, do we have an option to list a beneficiary on the payouts?


    1. if they are owned as IRA’s (Roth) then you already named a beneficiary.

      if they are NOT owned that way, then they are considered personal property sort of like a bank account or mutual fund account. That is governed by your Will – specifically the “codicil” of the will where you name specific items (say a heirloom ring) to specific people.

      Does that help?


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