The Woodbridge trust had another listing close in late November for $9.46 million; it was listed at $10.75 million.

Here’s a link to view the property,-CA-90210_rb/20532891_zpid/?

I’m still researching a solid answer on when/how the Comerica Bank settlement will come our way … if anyone knows more on that, buzz me back please.

6 thoughts on “Another Sale in late November

  1. Hey GregI am trying to get a better understanding with the Comerica Bank Settlement and the inventory that is still out on the market to sell is their any indication that the B holders might have a shot of getting paid a little more then they was originally projected? 


    1. Colin Robinson, Esq.
      Bradford Sandler, Esq.
      919 North Market Street
      17th Floor
      Wilmington DE 19801
      (310) 203-4271

      contact this lawyer … he works for the TT. AND let us know back if you find anything


  2. Anyone heard of news on the sale and distribution of all the personal goods confiscated from Shapiro and his wife? It was over $200 million??


  3. Hello, I’ve appreciated your updates since the Liquidation Trust does not send anything. I was wondering if there are only certain IRA Custodians that the Trust works with. I would like to change mine from Mainstar Trust to TD Ameritrade. Thanks.



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