I got a short update from the lawyer who’s litigating on behalf of the trustee against the various law firms. Very brief, but the update was the firms he is suing (on your behalf) are wrangling about “Jurisdiction issues”, i.e. what court is the proper venue to hear the case.

Pretty normal stalling tactics I’m guessing. He’s expecting all these preliminary motions will be settled in early 2022. Once those pre-issues are dealt with a trial date will be set; that’s when the case heads to mediation to get settled.

My guess is there is zero chance any of these suits ever see the inside of court room – way too much risk for the firms being sued to venture an actual trial. BUT real settlement talks won’t start until there’s a hard trial date set by the trial court.

6 thoughts on “Small Update on the other Lawsuits

  1. Money coming!!!! Yay!
    The distribution amounts to $3.44 per Class A Interest, and will be paid on or about October 29, 2021 to holders of record of Class A Interests as of close of business on October 22, 2021.


      1. i check the Woodbridge Liquidation Trust website EVERY single day. This announcement was on at least 3 sites.


  2. Hi, Greg, as always, a huge thank you for keeping us all in the loop! I have a question… Approx. how many class action lawsuits have been filed on our behalf? I know of the Comerica one, but what are the others?


    1. check my post (here) called What You Own – that has some detail

      and I spoke to the lead lawyer on this 2 weeks back and they are in the preliminary delay tactics efforts – arguing “proper venue” etc. This is entirely normal and he thinks will be concluded early ’22.

      as soon as the official trial date is set … that’s when folks negotiate a settlement. (not until)


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