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I don’t know why the trustee didn’t get this SEC filing added to the website in a more timely way; but the link above is the 8K filing that talks (briefly) about the latest home sale.

Check this out for some details.

11 thoughts on “Date of Report : May 16, 2022Woodbridge Liquidation Trust

  1. Looked to me from the report that they may have paid a 25 Million loan off with the proceeds. That and all the sales and handling fees will likely take a big chunk of the 58 Million.


    1. Report doesn’t really say $ figure; just that a $25 million line of credit was secured by this real estate – so that had to be closed to release the claim on that title so the sale could complete.
      nothing saying for sure if $X on the line of credit (by my reading) had an outstanding balance to clear.

      do you read different?


  2. Greg- First Thanks for giving us all a location to keep up with the progress and sending out the “latest news” when it becomes available.
    Second- do you have an idea on how much property is left? I was thinking that the St Cloud property was about the last piece.

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  3. Well, glad I was wrong. Looks like according to June 16 info, one of the largest distributions yet is to be sent out on July 15. I like being wrong this way!


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