I will try to have a meaningful update soon on the progress of the various law suites the trustee is pursuing on our behalf.

I have exchanged several email with Skip – seems like a great litigator to lead our efforts.

14 thoughts on “Up Date Soon

  1. Thank you, GREG, be lost without you! How about that property they sold is it going to be a completed deal in June as expected? Wondering how many properties are left.

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  2. Thank you so much, Greg. I’m hoping they are following their tentative late Spring schedule of having the court dates all set and ready to go, hopefully this year! I want some MONEY!!!!!! $$$$$$

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  3. Thanks for all your updates, they have been very helpful…In regards to this one can you recommend a contact to follow-up with to find out why we have not received our tax form for last year and I can find no info from anyone. any infor will be helpful…Thanks for your time.

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  4. Hi Greg
    Good news. Per form 8K just filed by Woodbridge, on 5/16/22 they sold 642 St Cloud property for $58,500,000.


      1. Hi Greg
        I found the announcement and the K8 at Charles Schwab (they hold my shares in Woodbridge). Stock symbol WBQNL

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  5.    Hi Greg    I found the announcement and the K8 at Charles Schwab (they hold my shares of Woodbridge). The stock symbol is WBQNL.                                                                                                      Stephen

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  6. Greg. Thanks for your updates. Without them we would continue to be in the dark. You mentioned an update on the various litigations. I may have missed it. Can you tell me how to see it?



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