The trustee just issued the statement below … just like in the previous years. So this is saying they don’t think they will have the trust’s IRS filings done by the traditional April filing date and suggest we all do the (return) extension routine again.

I haven’t found any clues as to the next distribution. My understanding is they have that cash from the Comerica Bank effort now. I’ll update when I can find something – meantime, file your extensions with the IRS.

Although the Trust is endeavoring to complete the 2021 income tax return for the Trust prior to the April 18, 2022 income tax return filing deadline, due to the complexities of the Trust, it may be necessary for the Trust to request an extension of time to file its return. Therefore, Trust beneficiaries should consider requesting an extension of the filing due date from the
appropriate federal and state taxing authorities.

8 thoughts on “Tax Filing & Extensions

  1. Thanks Greg. They appear to be sitting on a large amount of money, including the house sale late last year. Hope we get a check soon.

    Craig Wolfgram

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  2. Thank you for mentioning they have the money from Bank settlement, and they have had it for a while also what about that house they sold right before holidays? Guess they don’t care if get our money or not. i appreciate you for sure.


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