Woodbridge Liquidation Trust Announces Cash Distribution

SHERMAN OAKS, California—May 14, 2021—Woodbridge Liquidation Trust (the “Trust”) announced
that its Liquidation Trustee has declared a cash distribution of approximately $30,000,000 on the Trust’s Class A Liquidation Trust Interests (the “Class A Interests”). The distribution amounts to $2.58 per Class A Interest, and will be paid on or about June 15, 2021.

8 thoughts on “June 15th – First Woody Check

  1. Thanks for your diligence and your continual updates. You have kept me and others informed when our own CPA investors remain silent. May God bless you richly for your efforts!!!


  2.    Hi Greg      Apparently Woodbridge sold one of the six homes that they had for sale and listed with the Viewpoint Collection. The house sold was 1520 Carla Ridge and it sold on May 6 for $16,200,000. I do not know what other sales would account for the 30 million distribution as the remaining five homes with Viewpoint are still for sale.     Again, maybe you can help me with something. The 2019 Grantor Letter reflects a net loss in the Other Income catagory (netting all the income items against all the expenses). I reported this net loss on my tax return on Schedule E Part III, Income or Loss from Trusts. Is this the way you handled the net loss? 

                                                                                              Thanks, Stephen Swafford


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