Our first distribution was back on March 31st 2019; I have nothing new to report really just had an expectation the trustee would post news of the next distribution by yesterday as part of a pattern.

I’m checking on some sources to get any updates and will report when I have something.

4 thoughts on “March 31st

  1. Thank you for all you’re information & keeping us up to date with everything.I lost a big chunk of my life savings  & hope to get all of it back within the next year or so. Shapiro & the other  thieves that were involved in Woodbridge should have to give up all their belongings & money to pay the people that they robbed. And they should all go to prison 


  2. Curious about all the lawsuits against the financial advisors. My mother-in-law was in her 80’s and scammed out of everything. When we found out we told the advisor she had dementia but kept coming after her. Will they pay restitution?


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