Back in May I wrote an update on the ‘mystery tax forms’ the bankruptcy trustee was saying they were issuing … at least the mystery is over 1041 forms are being pushed out.

I’ll do some research and update with some details on these soon.


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  1. THANKS, do these tax forms relate to folks whose distributions are going back into their IRA? Thanks’ for all your help would be lost without your assistance.


  2. 10/19/2020 PRESS RELEASE – Woodbridge Liquidation Trust Announces Cash Distribution

    SHERMAN OAKS, California—October 19, 2020—Woodbridge Liquidation Trust (the “Trust”)
    announced that its Liquidation Trustee, with the approval of the Trust’s Supervisory Board, has declared
    an aggregate cash distribution of $30,000,000 on the Trust’s Class A Liquidation Trust Interests (the
    “Class A Interests”). This amount includes a reserve of approximately $469,000 for the issuance of
    additional Class A Interests based on estimated bankruptcy claims subject to future allowance pursuant to
    the First Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Liquidation dated August 22, 2018 of Woodbridge Group of
    Companies, LLC and its Affiliated Debtors (the “Plan”).
    The distribution amounts to $2.56 per Class A Interest, and will be paid on or about November 6, 2020 to
    holders of record of Class A Interests as of close of business on Friday, October 30, 2020.
    Regarding the distribution, the Trust’s Liquidation Trustee Michael Goldberg said, “I am pleased to be
    able to announce this additional interim distribution to our holders. We continue to anticipate making
    additional distributions in the future from time to time.”


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