November Trust Report

Above is the link to the November report – not saying this will satisfy anyone.   Looks like a lot of construction efforts – hopefully leading to plump sales for the Trust, right!

I’m waiting to see a line item of significant money added in from Shapiro assets.  I’ll try to get us a solid update on the class action suite against the bank in the next week.

9 thoughts on “November Report

  1. Jordan Goodman is openly mocking the SEC ruling against him… he has a YouTube video series on investing and I would bet he had NOT paid his $3 million dollar fine. That is our money… Dover have any recourse?


    1. My only guess is that the trustee can sue him for that money … but that’s a guess.
      SEC doesn’t really do collections from what I’m told …. seems crazy to sign an agreement and no cash.
      What is his YouTube channel? just under his name Jordan Goodman??


  2. Greg
    The sad thing about all of this is that the only people benefitting from this are attorneys. The judge issued a ruling that Woodbridge was to return all of our money. Obviously they don’t have it all but they placed the responsibility for getting our money with a group of attorneys that do this for a living ang profit from it. They have no incentive to get us our money back expediently or to maximize the amount we get back. They are collecting fees by the millions and we have seen one meager distribution. They spent millions on converting these losses to tradeable shares for what? We did not vote on this? Let me guess? Because they could collect fees on this. They are settling with the people that owe us money for pennies on the dollar. The SEC settled with Shapiro but no one seems to be collecting anything. There is no oversight on this and we have no protection. This has gotten absolutely no publicity yet every day the news is flooded with stories about people who cheated to get their kids in college. The trust companies that Shapiro used were just as complicit as they traded investments without getting our money back on exchange. They swapped bad paper and this enabled the Ponzi to continue as long as it did. Write the judge, write your congressman we need to get this the publicity it deserves. There is a well known celebrity who was caught up on this that works for a news network and he is not even speaking out. The frustrations and lack of justice are just becoming unbearable!!!


  3. Greg
    You know that the only people that have benefitted from this disaster have been attorneys and who did they put in charge of getting our money back? Of course a group of attorneys. They do this for a living and benefit off the misfortune of others. What are the incentives for them to maximize our returns or to do it expediently? They have charged millions in fees to us. They are settling with the criminals for pennies on the dollar and spent millions converting this mess to “tradeable” shares which is worthless to us. They should have ask us before they spent our money. There is no oversight and we have no protection. I ask that you withhold my name on any of this as we fear retribution for speaking out. The trust companies that Shapiro used are complicit as well and no one is even discussing that. If they had gotten our cash on closed investments instead of trading worthless paper with Shapiro the ponzi could never have lasted
    Every day the news is flooded with stories about folks cheating to get their kids in college but this whole thing has been swept under the rug. We need folks to write the judge and their congressmen to get some oversight
    As you know a prominent tv newsman was affected but is not speaking about the injustice. We have lost our entire life savings and now are about to lose our home and everything we worked for the last 40 years. The frustration and stress is endless. Thanks in advance for listening to our concerns


    1. This is so devastating. My family has +/- $1 million in this fiaso as well. I do feel once Goldberg gets off of the couch and gets some of our real estate sold we will have meaningful %age returned.
      Much slower than I would have predicted.
      contact michael goldberg the Trustee to get on his horse!


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