Robert Shapiro appears to be reaching an agreement with the Dept of Justice on

  • jail,

  • forfeiture of assets and

  • ‘cooperation’ with other efforts to recover valuable assets for the bankruptcy trust.

Below is quote from the latest update.

The United States has offered Defendant Shapiro a plea agreement, and Shapiro may announce to the Court that he will accept that plea agreement and enter a guilty plea at a status conference on August 5, 2019, at 9:30 a.m.The terms of the plea agreement include, but are not limited to, a guilty plea to Counts 1 and 10 of the indictment, for which Defendant Shapiro will face a statutory maximum of 25 years’ imprisonment; a requirement that Defendant Shapiro forfeit all of his assets and cooperate with the government in identifying his assets; a requirement that Defendant Shapiro pay restitution; and an agreement not to prosecute his wife, Jeri Shapiro.

The August 5th date you see here was apparently changed with the court to tomorrow at 3 p.m. (in Miami) … to “change his plea” of not guilty.

As is typical, this is part of a larger deal to not pursue his wife for jail and other family members assets, cooperation with the BK trustees, etc etc.

Link to this memo here

2 thoughts on “Shapiro May go to Jail Wednesday

  1. Hey Greg so as you know I will get some Class A’s and also Class B’s unfortunately which they said would only be paid at the end when everyone is paid off. Realistically that is not going to happen unless the housing market really takes off. Do you believe I should have sold the B shares if that was possible to that company that wanted to buy the shares we had? I am just pissed off cannot get any answers from anyone. You call the numbers no one calls you back, you email no one gets back to you.


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