Like my last update this isn’t anything concrete, but the image above is from today’s Wall Street Journal showing that the bond market at least is pretty sure the Fed will lower interest rates one notch this summer (green graph).

Trends like this are positive to real estate sellers as it lubricates the financing needed for most larger purchases.

Stay tuned for a more definitive update on the timing of the next disbursement expected mid summer.

2 thoughts on “Good for Real Estate

  1. I was wondering as you know we received our first check and have a large balance do you believe if the interest rates go lower and they sell the big properties us unit holders will ever get the balance at some point of the money we lost?


    1. The bankruptcy court’s last report is estimating (the court’s not me) a 70 cents on the dollar total return FROM THE REAL ESTATE SALES. The in-flows from the class action case against CoMerica Bank as well as the funds they hope to get from Shapiro’s family will add to that %age. The class action suite of course is completely unpredictable as to ‘winning’ or cash coming in … that’s litigation. Shapiro coughing up dough, who knows. But those two sources of funds are beyond the real estate estimates.


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