I am doing research on the anticipated date of the next cash distribution from the Woodbridge rehabilitation trust, and the realistic answer is probably August.  I would like to be able to say distributions would be made regularly every quarter, but getting the real estate sold is the issue at hand.

The story, as of now, is all of the easy and lower value real estate has been sold.  We are now down to the higher priced and more complicated pieces to be listed and sold.  Properties are going under contract, but getting them closed and past escrow is a bigger challenge now and will take more time.  The summer, in all likelihood, will see a distribution, but it will be more likely August than June.

10 thoughts on “Next Distribution …

  1. We are grateful for any help we can get but I am wondering what is your stake in this? Are you fellow victim, a good Samaritan, etc?


  2. Will the unit holders get anymore then they were told might get? We were told that we would not get the same percentage as the note holders? is there anymore money available with the other players being fined as well?


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