My name is Greg W. Anderson.  I live in Fort Collins Colorado – four kids and a lovely wife Paula. Through my business Balanced Financial Inc I help ease the struggle of moving from working and accumulating nest eggs into retirement and the distribution phase of life. Part of what we do is try to find products/ideas that are more appropriate for the conservative or income phase of life.

A big part of my job entails sniffing out new ideas that kick out income steadily and avoid market risks. I see a lot of ideas that are not time tested – yet. Most of the new ideas I see are of course just a repacking of lending someone money, owning all or part of a business, or speculating on something of value. The ideas that don’t find one of the above are most probably a scam dressed up as an opportunity. I’m pretty good at spotting these posers … but one of them got me too.

I’m building out the blog to tell my story of how I and a few thousand others – many of whom were pretty sophisticated seasoned investors, like hedge funds and other professionals, fell into a lending scam called Woodbridge Group of Companies LLC.

Stay tuned for blog posts and videos laying out my cautionary tails, warning signs,  and bruises.



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