Thanks to those who updated me on the very recent sale of 642 St. Cloud Road for $58, 000,000.

That is great progress and will of course result in another distribution soon.

That’s all for now; thanks again for the folks feeding me notes of progress that I don’t find.

Below is a link for more on this –

11 thoughts on “Saint Cloud Sold!

  1. Thank again GREG YOU ARE A GREAT SOURCE of information. IS this the same property that was sold last Noember and we have been waiting for final settlement.

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  2. I see the information on Red Fin regarding the sale. Why has this sale not triggered an 8q report? According to the law Woodbridge has. 4 days after an event like this to file an 8q. It should appear on the liquidation trust website.


  3.    Hi Greg

         Just in case you have not heard, Woodbridge has declared a distribution of $65 million. A didtribution to shareholders of $5.63 a share will be paid on July 15, 2022.

                                                                                                      Stephen Swafford

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  4. Hi Greg. There will be a distribution on 7/15/22 of $5.63 per share from Woodbridge. They are distributing $65 million.


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