I’m remis I didn’t get this posted up to you right at Christmas, I’m a little late – but late with good news.

The date on the copy below is December 22nd, but I have an idea it didn’t get published up on the system until around the 30th. But read it for yourself – great news for us. Moreover, this will be a chill to read for the other law firms the trustee is suing.

Plaintiffs’ Motion for Attorneys’ Fees, Costs, and Service Awards is GRANTED. Class Counsel are awarded $13,550,000 in attorney’s fees amounting to 25% of the $54,200,000 of the settlement fund, to be allocated among them by Settlement Class Counsel in a manner which reflects each counsel’s contribution to the prosecution and resolution of the claims against Comerica. Class Counsel are also awarded $409,611 in litigation expenses. ๠e Court also grants service awards of $15,000 for each of the individual class representatives and $20,000 for the married class representatives.
DATED: December 17, 2021 ___________________

18 thoughts on “Belated Christmas Present for You!

  1. Hey Greg. As always, thanks for keeping us all up to date. Excuse my ignorance but does this mean that Comerica must reimburse 13+ million in attorney costs back to the unit holders, as well as $15 or $20K to us as well? Will this be a long time coming?


  2. This is great news. Thank you, Greg. I think I read that they have 60 days to get the payment out after the final court approval.


  3. Mr. Anderson, good morning. Any word on when we might receive this and is this taxable. Thanks Danny Carney

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