I haven’t found much on the progress “our” listings have had in the Los Angeles area.

I’m writing this to solicit input from others out there who are tracking listings, and the ‘under contract’ updates (in California they refer to this as ‘in escrow’). Does anyone have updates to pass on?

Thanks for the help.

6 thoughts on “Property Listings & Sale Progress

  1. nothing to report on listing sales. However do have a few questions if you have a moment ! Got a not that two our the upper gentlemen plead guilty and were to get 5 yrs in Jail and to pay back us back of course then states in may take years to get any money if any at all from them. ANY INPUT ON THAT.
    we also received a note from Provident saying something updated share price of 11.81 does that mean we have even lee than before because beginning of year they stated the SEC wanted a cash evaluation of our investment and our value was them decrease by 2/3 rds of what is was. Beginning to think That we won’t see even the minimal 40% of our investment back ever!
    Thanks for any help you can give.


  2. I talked to someone handling the Trust about 4 weeks ago and they said the value of the properties left were about $100,000,000 and they were trying to move all of them within a year

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