I haven’t been able to get any answers, math, explanations, etc., etc. on the share price adjustment that came down from our custodians in the last 10 days. As of today the most recent notice on the Trustee website is the Feb 4th notice – telling us not to file your income tax in April so ‘we can get our ownership forms to you’.

Nothing of substance since

The share price adjustment seems substantial news to me; but I see no helps on how this was calculated or why. So below is the contact data for our trustee – join in and let’s all see if we can get some feed back on this.

Michael Goldberg, Liquidation Trustee
The Main Las Olas
201 East Las Olas Boulevard
Suite 1800
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

8 thoughts on “Share Price ‘adjustment’

  1. Thanks for trying I have tried contacting Goldberg at his office I don’t even get a call back! left messages by email and phone!


  2. I received mine in e-mail from Provident trust on Feb 15, 2021.
    All receivables are now gone on my provident portal –a real gut punch


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